The abundance of conflicting information floating around about the health benefits and consequences of different foods can be overwhelming. Personalized nutrition helps you to navigate through that information and find a plan that works best for your unique needs and wants. Rather than following fad diets, we focus on establishing a balanced, sustainable, and nutrient-dense diet which optimizes your overall brain-body wellness. Changing your diet can feel like a daunting task. However, there are a number of different tips and tricks to set yourself up for success, so NeuroGrove is here to support you! Through one-on-one coaching, we meet you where you’re at and create an individualized nutrition plan of action.


Nutritional guidance is often presented in one size fits all packaging. However, at NeuroGrove, we recognize that a diet needs to be personally tailored to fit your lifestyle and your body’s unique needs. We take an educational and shame-free coaching approach to helping you establish a healthier, more sustainable approach to eating. Our focus is on helping you feel your best rather than pushing fad diets or programs aimed at weight loss. Through assessing your genetics, relationship with food, gut microbiome and more, we’re able to determine what foods and eating behaviors will best support your health and goals. From there, we can collaboratively create a program that sets you up for long-term success and prevents you from getting stuck in unrealistic, unhealthy eating cycles.

Naturopathic doctor suggesting foods we should eat