Brain assessments, Brain Spas, & NEURO-STIMULATION SESSIONS

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NeuroGrove clients, current and past, may purchase 10 self-guided neurostimulation sessions, scheduled at your convenience, for $699

Call to schedule today! See below to share the benefits of brain health this holiday season with family and friends!

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Give the gift of stress-reducing, brain-brightening, mood-boosting neurostimulation!       

★ Connect with your inner self for insight and guidance through neuro-assisted meditation and guided imagery

★ Promote balance within the brain and nervous system through neurostimulation and breathing techniques

★ Indulge all your senses with neurotropic drinks, customized aromatherapy, binaural beats, intuitive breathwork, a  Tibetan sound bath, meditative imagery, and more!

★ Call to schedule or purchase a gift certificate at 303-828-7473

Special holiday pricing is available to all current and past clients at a discounted rate through January 01, 2023. Treat yourself or a friend to the benefits of neurostimulation and brain wellness. Purchase a brain assessment and Bright Mind brain spa for only $375 (a $1120 value) and receive a complimentary 50-minute self-guided neurostimulation session for yourself. 

Purchase a $375 gift certificate for a comprehensive brain assessment ($995 value) and Bright Mind Brain Spa session ($125 value) and receive a complimentary 50-minute, self-guided neurostimulation session for yourself.  Or, for only $75 more, give them the full experience with an upgrade to the Deep Flow Brain Spa.

All current or past NeuroGrove clients may also take advantage of several specialized brain spa options and neurostimulation packages at a discounted rate, now through January 1, 2023.

Options Include:

  1. Bright Mind Brain Spa

Experience the brain-brightening, mood-boosting, and/or stress-reducing effects of transcranial neurostimulation.

★ tACS & pEMF neurostimulation

★ Listen to music or a meditation with soothing imagery (self-guided)

$125 $75 per session

50-minute session

2. Pure Insight Brain Spa

Enter a deep state of inner peace and intuition!

★ Deep state neurostimulation

★ Guided visualization with a neuromeditation coach

★ Zen music with relaxing binaural beats

★ Calming aromatherapy

★ Meditative imagery

★ Neurotrophic latte or other brain-boosting drink

$250 $125 per session

75-minute session

3. Deep Flow Brain Spa

Drop into a meditative state for serenity, insight, and a full transformative experience.

★ Extended neurostimulation

★ One-on-one mindful movement and/or intuitive breathing session

★ Guided meditation

★ Savasana meditation with Tibetan sound bath

★ Soothing aromatherapy

★ Relaxing music with binaural beats

★ Neurotrophic latte or other brain-boosting drink

$375 $175 per session

100-minute session

Treat Yourself and a Friend Program Disclaimer:

For the purposes of safety and effectiveness, all new clients must complete an initial brain assessment and basic health questionnaire prior to enjoying the benefits of neurostimulation. This non-invasive, EEG-informed brain assessment appointment is approximately two hours and will occur prior to scheduling any subsequent neurostimulation and/or brain spa sessions, by a minimum of one week, to inform individualized protocols in accordance with professional and ethical practice standards. Thereafter, the individual may schedule the herein purchased brain spa and/or neurostimulation session(s), at their convenience, within 6 months of the required initial scan.

Brain spa sessions are considered non-clinical and are designed for the purposes of brain wellness and neuro-assisted meditation as opposed to brain treatment. The brain assessment will not be reviewed for clinical mental health analysis/diagnosis nor treatment planning; rather, it will inform our clinicians/technicians of the most recommended neurostimulation protocols suited to the individual’s brain. Current and past NeuroGrove clients who have already completed a brain assessment are exempt from the initial brain assessment requirement for Brain Spa and neurostimulation session participation. However, it is recommended to complete an assessment if more than a year has passed or if any major events (e.g., concussion) have occurred since the prior assessment.  All HIPAA and professional standards apply.

Certificate expires if not used by September 30, 2023. Not valid with any other offer. For new customers only. Non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full. Transferable only to purchaser for equivalent of brain assessment, brain spa, and/or neurostimulation session add-on, current pricing at time of transfer.

Offer and pricing valid through January 1, 2023