Treat Yourself to a Day of Bliss!

Looking to show your brain some love and self-care?  Or curious about neurotherapy and want to give it a shot before committing to a full treatment plan?  Have a special occasion you’d like to celebrate?  Treat yourself or a loved one to a transformative, relaxing, healing, and restorative Brain Spa!  We have a variety of packages to help you reclaim peace and well-being as you care for your brain, body, and spirit.  While each package is unique in the services it includes, each one allows you to:

  • Experience the stress-reducing, brain-brightening, mood-boosting effects of neurostimulation
  • Enhance balance within the nervous system through biofeedback and/or breathing techniques
  • Connect with your inner voice for insight and guidance through neuro-assisted meditation and guided imagery
  • Indulge all your senses with nootropic chocolates/drinks, customized aromatherapy, binaural beats music, and more!

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Brain Spa Packages

Bright Mind

Come experience the brain brightening, energy boosting effects of transcranial neurostimulation paired with photobiomodulation and full spectrum light therapy. Awaken your mind with this full sensory experience: breathe in the delightful smells of pure essential oils, listen to energizing binaural beats, take in the sights of mandala imagery, sip on a creamy plant-based latte or other brain boosting drink of your choice, and savor one of our rich, nootropic chocolate truffles.

Mood Boost

Drop into a state of pure bliss using a combination of transcranial neurostimulation, photobiomodulation, and full spectrum light therapy as you enjoy healing imagery, binaural beats music, and a guided meditation designed to enhance feelings of peace, love, and joy. Sip on a rich plant-based chocolate cocoa or other brain boosting drink of your choice, take in the aromas of mood boosting essential oils, and top it off with a decadent nootropic chocolate truffle.

Radiant Glow

Come nourish yourself from head to toe with a package designed to make you glow! Naturally brighten and tighten your skin with our soothing scrub and facial clay mask. Drop into a relaxed, rejuvenating state with our transcranial
neurostimulation, full spectrum light therapy, and soothing aromatherapy while soaking your feet in a hot massaging foot bath. Then, nourish your skin with our deep moisturizing creams and pure essential oils while allowing our rich
nootropic chocolate to melt in your mouth.

Pure Insight

Help your brain drop into a meditative state for serenity, insight, and a full transformative experience.  Start with binaural beats, meditative music, and mandala meditation imagery to help your brain drop into this deeper state.  Then, we will guide you into a neurostimulation-assisted meditation to help your brain drop deeper into this intuitive state.  Experience transformative healing as you gain insight into deep questions and tap into the wisdom of your subconscious mind.

Deep Flow

Enter a deep state of flow and relaxation using transcranial neurostimulation to alleviate stress at its roots! Start by simply sitting back and relaxing with transcranial neurostimulation paired with heart rate variability biofeedback and theta/alpha binaural beats music to promote optimal balance within the nervous system. This is combined with calming essential oils, delicious nootropic chocolate, and a warm, soothing beverage to enhance the experience and drop you into a state of complete peace and calm. Then, move into one on one mindful movement and customized yoga stretching with our movement therapist, followed by Savasana meditation and a Tibetan sound bath.

Total Transformation

Experience complete healing, restoration, and transformation with all the services above combined into one full experience! Your day will start with some pampering, including a hand and facial scrub, followed by a facial clay mask, moisturizing hand cream, and a hot foot massaging soak. Relax into a deeper state of relaxation and peace with our transcranial neurostimulation, photobiomodulation, HRV biofeedback, neurofeedback-assisted meditation, and full spectrum light therapy while observing meditative mandala imagery, listening to calming binaural beats music, breathing in the essence of pure essential oils, and sipping on a hot nootropic cocoa, golden milk latte, or other beverage of your choice. After this, engage with our movement therapist for a session of our unique, one on one NeuroFlow movement therapy, followed by Savasana meditation and a Tibetan sound bath.

Is it safe?

Our brain spa protocols are designed to be safe for nearly all brains and cortical patterns.  As these services are meant to provide relaxation and rejuvenation rather than correcting brain imbalances, we do not conduct a comprehensive brain assessment (including QEEG and swLORETA imaging) beforehand unless requested or unless you wish to engage in a full neurotherapy program with us.  However, we start every brain spa appointment by asking clients a series of questions related to their health history and current wellness goals to ensure that we are providing services that best meet your needs and wants!  We will also address any potential contraindications if you present with any risk factors.  If you have specific concerns, please feel free to reach out with questions or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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