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Our brains and bodies are composed of billions of tiny, yet powerful, cells called neurons.  Neurons play an important role in how a person thinks, feels, behaves, and relates with others.  They impact all aspects of health, from cognitive and emotional wellbeing to a person’s ability to ward off illness or heal a flesh wound.  The structure of a neuron resembles that of a tree with an extensive root system (dendrites), a trunk (soma and primary axon), and profuse branches (axon branches).  Each of these “trees” is linked with countless others through connections called synapses.  A grove of nearly 100 billion neurons and trillions of synapses makes up what we call the brain; but, it doesn’t stop there!  These 100 billion neurons connect with a billion more neurons in the spinal cord, which connect with about 40,000 neurons in the heart, 100 million neurons in the gut, and countless other neurons throughout the rest of the body.  

Thus, the brain and body are so intricately interconnected in this giant web of a nervous system that it is impossible for one to operate independently from the other.  Each has a powerful influence on the other, for better or worse.  When in balance, they work together in beautiful harmony to promote the overall health of the human biome.  On the flip side, when one component is out of balance, it may pull others down with it.  Thus, to be most effective in our attempts to heal our brain, mind, or body, we must target the whole system through a comprehensive, whole-person approach.  NeuroGrove’s Integrative Neurotherapy approach does just that! 


The word “heal” literally means “to make whole.”  Our vision is to assist our clients in their journeys toward optimal wellness of the brain, mind, body, and spirit so they can become the best versions of themselves.  We also strive to educate clients and the community about various aspects of brain-body health, pulling from the wisdom of neuroscience, psychology, medicine (Western and Eastern), somatics, and nutrition.  

Clients of NeuroGrove will receive a comprehensive assessment to assess overall brain-body function and reveal the neurophysiological factors that likely underlie their symptoms.  We will then design a holistic, individualized neurotherapy plan in collaboration with the client’s goals, interests, strengths, and capabilities.  We also “check in with the brain” periodically by doing regular update assessments, allowing us to track progress and make adjustments as necessary.  All in all, we commit to doing our best in fully supporting our clients as they heal, grow, and become the best versions of themselves.



Dr. Ashlie Bell is an internationally renowned brain health expert and respected leader in the fields of neurotherapy and integrative mental health.  She completed her doctoral degree from the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences at Saybrook University, where she received the highest honor of the Dissertation with Distinction award.  She is also a licensed clinical social worker, public speaker, researcher, and published author.  Furthermore, Dr. Bell had the honor of training and studying under some of the most respected experts in the fields of neurotherapy, biofeedback, and integrative mental health.

Through her own journey of healing from multiple concussions and nine years of systemic illness, Dr. Bell developed a strong passion for integrative brain-body wellness.  She has now worked in the fields of health and mental health for over 14 years and is well-known for her specialized knowledge in brain-based assessments and interventions, as well as integrative mental health and the treatment of trauma-related challenges.

Dr. Bell is an esteemed member of the International Society for Neurofeedback Research (ISNR) and the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB).  She is board certified in neurofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

Dr. Bell’s passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence have led to several awards for her work, research, and merit from all three organizations.  And she puts this same level of devotion toward each and every client we serve at NeuroGrove.

Dr. Bell has spent several years investigating the neurophysiological underpinnings of various physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges, as well as the interconnections between the brain and various systems of the body.  She has dedicated her career to exploring and developing new approaches to healing the brain from prior physical/emotional harm and achieving optimal brain wellness.

In her free time, Dr. Bell likes to get outdoors for activities such as hiking, climbing, and snowboarding.  She also enjoys dancing, yoga, art, travel, and quality time with friends and family.

Meet the Grove


Rachel Haag is one of our integrative neurotherapy clinicians.  She provides psychotherapeutic support and/or academic coaching for our clients while implementing many of the individualized neurofeedback, neurostimulation, and biofeedback training protocols designed by Dr. Bell.

Rachel has been extensively trained by Dr. Bell and specializes in work with clients struggling with mental health challenges and learning disorders.  Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s in Psychology.  She chose a neuroscience-heavy psychology program due to her fascination with better understanding the brain and her desire to translate that knowledge into concrete ways of supporting people in reaching their highest potential. That desire eventually led her to her master’s program, which provided the opportunity to do research on mind-body connections as well as hone her ability to build and maintain therapeutic relationships built on authenticity and common goals.

Rachel has worked with a wide variety of populations and issues as a counselor, advisor, educator, and academic coach.  Rachel has also trained in mindfulness, behaviorism, and natural healing approaches, including herbalism and nutrition, which are all great compliments to our integrative approach.

Rachel’s passion and knowledge, paired with her friendly and compassionate demeanor, have made her an excellent asset to our team.


Brittney Clements is a neurocoach, nutrition therapist, and NeuroFlow movement facilitator. She provides nutrition/wellness support and mindfulness/meditation training for our clients while implementing many of the individualized neurofeedback, neurostimulation, and biofeedback training protocols designed by Dr. Bell.

Brittney has been extensively trained in neurotherapy and biofeedback by Dr. Bell and primarily works with clients seeking to optimize their wellness and performance.  She and Dr. Bell also worked together to develop the NeuroFlow technique, which is a brain-based form of movement that can be adapted to the needs of each individual’s brain, body, and preferences.  She also works together with Drs. Bell and Klavon to create nutrition and lifestyle plans for each of our clients based on their individual brain-body imbalances, functional medicine test results, nutritional deficiencies, and various other factors.

Brittney offers nutrition and wellness coaching that is gentle, supportive, educational, and effective.  She utilizes a neuroscience-informed coaching approach that helps our clients set and achieve nutritional goals without shaming or judgment while also addressing their relationship to food, emotional eating patterns, and any barriers that are getting in the way of clients’ success.

Brittney completed her education at NTI Denver as a certified Master Nutrition Therapist as well as her yoga teacher certification through the Arhanta Yoga Ashram program in India.  She has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of integrative and functional nutrition, and her continuing education has led her to delve deeper into the study of functional medicine, mycology, biomechanics, and functional movement through posture and form.

Brittney’s deep warmth and care for patients paired with her extensive understanding of nutrition, wellness, and neuroscience have made her a wonderful member of the Grove.


Alanna Bell provides neurostimulation-assisted EMDR, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, intuitive art workshops, and breath work to help clients connect with their inner guidance, resolve any deep, subconscious roots of prior experiences, and navigate the crossroads of life.

Alanna holds a Master’s degree in professional counseling as well as a second M.A. in professional school counseling, so she is great with both adults and children.  Alanna has several years of experience with integrative mental health services in conjunction with primary care clinics, schools, and mental health centers, all of which which have provided her significant insight into medical and physical issues that impact our psychological well being. Her years as a school counselor also give her special insight into children with learning disabilities and strategies that may help students be more successful.

Alanna’s extensive experience, variety of therapeutic tools, and ability to hold a safe space with compassion and awareness have been greatly appreciated by our clients.


Dr. Ashlie Klavon provides functional medicine testing, individualized dietary recommendations, supplementation, and health education for clients of NeuroGrove.  She is also passionate about functional neurology and works closely with Dr. Bell to help clients of NeuroGrove optimize their brain health by balancing the various systems of the body.  Additionally, Dr. Klavon offers acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medical interventions to our clients as deemed appropriate.

Dr. Ashlie Klavon’s extensive educational background includes a Doctorate of Chiropractic, Masters degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Integrative Therapeutic Practices.  She also has specialized training in herbology, nutritional endocrinology, fertility, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Klavon has worked in the natural health field for over 10 years in various roles and positions. She has a passion for teaching individuals about nutrition and holistic health and a desire to empower individuals on their own journey of self-healing. She has also worked at Nutrition Therapy Institute for over 2 years helping with curriculum development and teaching the Weight Management and Sports Nutrition and Life Cycles and Healthy Aging courses online.

Dr. Klavon loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, running, and exploring all the fun places Colorado has to offer.  Her extensive education, knowledge, and experience have made her a truly valuable member of the Grove.


Dr. Abid Husain serves in a medical director role with NeuroGrove, overseeing the medical aspect of clients’ care, including EEG assessments, dietary/supplement recommendations, and functional medicine testing/intervention.  He also provides cutting-edge peptide therapy to clients of NeuroGrove, which can aid neurogenesis and neuroplasticity as well as reduce inflammation in the brain.  Dr. Husain can also provide bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for clients in need of advanced hormone balancing.

Having come from a family of physicians, Dr. Abid Husain has a deep appreciation for the practice of medicine. In his youth, art was his primary pursuit, until he took an anatomy class, sparking his love for medicine.

After decades of studying, Dr Husain’s excitement led him to complete fellowship training in Cardiology. He headed a successful private practice in cardiology but became unsatisfied with the environment of and the tools available to conventional medical practitioners. Seeking more balance in his life, he continued to search for a mechanism to practice medicine outside of the limitations of an insurance-based system.

His answer was found in integrative and anti-aging medicine, the solution that puts patient health at the center of treatment instead of sickness. The lessons learned through integrative medicine have reinvigorated Dr Husain’s passion for medicine by aligning with his personal philosophies about the health benefits of living a thriving and balanced life.

The path we take


  • QEEG “brain mapping”
  • LORETA 3D neuroimaging
  • Neurocognitive testing
  • Physiological stress assessment
  • Psychosocial history 
  • Discussion of symptoms/strengths/goals
  • Nutritional/lifestyle assessment 
  • Functional medicine testing


  • Advanced neurofeedback
  • Transcranial neurostimulation
  • Peripheral biofeedback
  • Psychotherapeutic support 
  • Somatic interventions
  • Mindfulness training 
  • Nutritional/lifestyle coaching
  • Wellness education
  • Supplementation (as needed)

Progress tracking

  • Regular assessment of changes in symptoms and progress toward goals
  • Regular neuroimaging and psychophysiological assessments to check progress and update intervention
  • Update neurocognitive testing
  • Collaboration with medication prescribers to adapt prescriptions as necessary
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