Welcome to the intricate world of the human nervous system, where billions of powerful cells known as neurons orchestrate the symphony of our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and connections with others. These neurons are the architects of our wellbeing, influencing everything from cognitive and emotional health to our body’s ability to recover from illness or mend a wound.

Picture each neuron as a majestic tree, complete with an intricate root system (dendrites), a central trunk (soma and primary axon), and a multitude of branches (axon branches). These “neuronal trees” are interconnected through synapses, forming a vast grove of nearly 100 billion neurons in the brain. But it doesn’t end there; this intricate network extends beyond the cortex, with 100 billion neurons in the spinal cord, 40,000 neurons in the heart, 100 million neurons in the gut, and countless others throughout the body.

The brain and body dance in a complex web of connections, where each element profoundly influences the other. In harmonious balance, they collaborate to enhance the overall health of the human biome. Yet, when one aspect is out of tune, it can disrupt the entire system. In the pursuit of “healing,” the key lies in embracing the holistic meaning of the word – “to make whole.”

NeuroGrove’s Integrative Neurotherapy and Naturopathic services involve a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the inseparable link between brain, mind, and body. By addressing the entire system, our approach strives to restore balance and harmony, fostering a journey towards complete well-being. Join us on the path to holistic healing and unlock the full potential of your brain, mind, and body.


At NeuroGrove, we are dedicated to the profound meaning of the word ‘heal,’ as the journey to wholeness encompasses the realms of brain, mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to guide and support every client on their transformative path towards optimal wellness by seamlessly integrating natural medicine, progressive mental health modalities, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced neuroscience. We are committed to harmonizing the intricately interconnected systems within and between the brain and body, fostering balance that enables individuals to manifest their highest potential and become the best versions of themselves.

We strive not only to heal but also to empower. Through education and tools, we aim to equip our clients and the community with the knowledge to understand and heal themselves. Our overarching goal is to amplify love, joy, compassion, and peace in the world, making a positive impact, one life at a time. At NeuroGrove, our unwavering commitment to holistic healing and empowerment drives us to be a guiding light on the journey to fulfillment and wellbeing.

man with control of his brain, representing the powers of the brain with your health
Dr. Ashlie Bell


Dr. Ashlie Bell's vision for NeuroGrove was propelled by over a decade of personal and professional life experiences. Through nine years of struggle with a systemic “mystery” illness, multiple concussions, and chronic stress, she experienced firsthand the limitations of mainstream medicine in adequately discovering the underlying roots of symptoms and addressing the intricate interconnections between the brain, mind, and body. This fueled her quest to explore alternative avenues of healing, as well as dive deep into the research, in order to design a more effective approach to wellness–and ultimately heal herself.

Meanwhile, throughout her career in the fields of health and mental health, Dr. Ashlie had been witnessing the pervasive effects of trauma and unresolved emotional wounds on individuals' well-being. Traditional mental health treatments often fell short in addressing the underlying neurological imbalances contributing to ongoing psychological distress. Recognizing this gap, Dr. Ashlie delved into the study of brain health, as well as the psychophysiological effects of chronic and traumatic stress, seeking to understand how neurological function impacts overall mental and physical wellness.

Her educational pursuits reinforced the importance of treating the brain as a central component of holistic healing. Through specialized training in neurofeedback, psychophysiology, and integrative health/mental health, she gained insights into the profound influence of brain function on emotions, cognition, and behavior. Dr. Ashlie's journey underscored the significance of adopting a comprehensive approach that not only targets specific roots but also considers the individual as a whole.

In starting NeuroGrove, Dr. Ashlie aimed to offer a more effective healing model designed to address the underlying physical and emotional roots of challenges rather than just treating or masking symptoms. She envisioned a center that would integrate a diverse range of therapies aimed at optimizing brain health and promoting overall well-being within the mind, body, and spirit. She also recognized the need for a more personalized approach to fit each individual’s unique needs. This vision came to life as NeuroGrove grew to offer a variety of advanced neurotherapy interventions designed to address the underlying neurological roots of suffering, combined with holistic modalities such as functional medicine, personalized nutrition, and psychotherapy to support the multifaceted beings that we are.

Dr. Ashlie additionally emphasizes the importance of embodying love and compassion while helping clients pursue their unique purpose in life and become the best versions of themselves. She feels that everyone should have the opportunity to not just “survive” but to truly shine in their essence. She aims to empower individuals to reclaim agency over their lives and align with optimal wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

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NeuroGrove medical assessment


Our comprehensive assessments may include EEG and QEEG brain mapping, swLORETA 3D neuroimaging, neurocognitive testing, psychophysiological stress and HRV assessments, functional medicine lab testing, symptom and psychosocial history questionnaires, and nutritional and lifestyle evaluations

EEG and QEEG “brain mapping”
swLORETA 3D neuroimaging
Neurocognitive testing
Psychophysiological stress and HRV assessments
Functional medicine lab testing
Symptom and psychosocial history questionnaires
Naturopathic / nutritional / lifestyle assessment
Nutritional and lifestyle evaluations
computer screen showing individualized health intervention data


Our individualized programs may involve advanced neurofeedback training, transcranial neurostimulation, pulsed electromagnetic frequencies, photobiomodulation (infrared therapy), peripheral biofeedback, psychotherapy, EMDR, functional and naturopathic medicine, neuropeptide therapy, somatic therapies, mindfulness training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, wellness education, and tailored supplementation.

Advanced neurofeedback
Peripheral biofeedback
Psychotherapeutic support
Functional/naturopathic medicine
Somatic interventions
Mindfulness training
Nutritional/lifestyle coaching
Wellness education
Neuropeptide therapy
Doctor showing medical progress trakcing on a computer


We believe in reviewing clients’ progress with them throughout the process in order to update interventions and protocols to what they are needing each step of the way. Our progress tracking may involve retesting any or all of the assessments above to evaluate changes in symptoms, brain function, and physiological metrics throughout the treatment process. Treatment protocols are adapted accordingly to maximize effectiveness.

Regular assessment of changes in symptoms and progress toward goals

Regular neuroimaging and psychophysiological assessments to check progress and update intervention

Update neurocognitive testing

Collaboration with medication prescribers to adapt prescriptions as necessary